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YOGA at the time of LOCKDOWN 2020

This year is a big challenge for all of us.

For me personally, the first lockdown was filled with digitizing my work and streaming my hours online via ZOOM. Buy a new laptop, microphones, light, tripod .... Buy the ZOOM app, introduce a new course management program.

In addition, I used the time intensively to do further training in fascia yoga - wonderfully sinking into the depths of the matter without distraction, that was very good!

The time between the 1st and 2nd lockdown was a bit frustrating, as I was only allowed to take a maximum of 7 people into the courses, and a lot of them didn't come for various reasons. So I had many courses with very few participants, first of all a bit frustrating for me because the physical exertion and preparation were just as great and the economic factor was very low at the same time.

In the second lockdown, I compressed everything. Many are already tired ONLINE and according to a survey I now stream one yoga class in the morning and one in the evening.

Not a satisfactory permanent state, but plenty of time for reflection.

What do I really want? How do I want to work in the future? What is my intention, my vision?

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