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when the mind is calm and controlled, the soul can be seen.




I started my new JOURNEY just before the Covid Pandemic. With my new saying on the wall of my movement center at this time: “There is no better time to wake up than NOW" , I laid the foundation for CHANGE inside and out. When the pandemic started shortly thereafter, I could hardly believe this synchronicity.

For a long time I felt the inner longing for change and growth, into my full potential. After my very painful divorce after 28 years of marriage, I did a personal retreat, meditation, a path of healing and forgiveness, cultivating self-love and dissolving my negative beliefs and old patterns, into a deep reflection into WHY my life path has led to this point.


My training and experiences through travel, stays abroad and LIFE itself - as well as my personal interest in the universal laws and quantum physics, psychology and the incessant willingness to explore myself, coaching with Tara NOLAN - all this gave me an immense " toolbox" on this inner path, for which I am very grateful!

Yes the INVESTMENT in MYSELF  is the best I could do.

Coaching helps immensely to recognize your own resources, to remember HOW MUCH you have to give to the world and what a gift each of us is. It's time to bring the feminine qualities back to life, to live so much more consciously with intuition and the magic of connecting to the higher self.  

I would like to share all this knowledge with you to help you lead a fulfilled, lively, happy life, full of ease and joy with everything you do! To TRUST yourself, to come into your power and step forward on your sacred path with clarity!

See you soon!

  • 1989-1992 Living in Nepal working for German development service, first contact with yoga there, work in the Bir Hospital/physiotherapeutic department, work with disabled children
  • 1992-1995 sports and gymnastics teacher, additional qualification in sports and movement therapy, with additional training in orthopaedics/rheumatology/traumatology and internal diseases 
  • Various further training courses: Aerobics Instructor (2002), Feldenkrais Method, Pilates Instructor (2004) Waldenburg
  • Freelance work for sports studio, Recaro company gymnastics, courses in the family education center, AOK
  • 2005 Opening of REFUGIUM, center for movement and body awareness, independent entrepreneur, freelance work for the AOK
  • 2007-2008 health and mental coach Ulm
  • 2010 -2014 Yoga teacher BYV, and various further training courses in different yoga styles
  • 2014 advanced training in fascia fitness
  • 2016 Holistic Yoga Therapist
  • 2016 3-month stay in Nepal, singing bowl training, Reiki, meditation course in Kopan/Buddhist monastery
  • 2020 training as an integral fascia yoga teacher according to Daniela Meinl  
  • 2021 Breathwork Facilitator Training, Ometepe/Nicaragua
DVGS- German Association for Health Sports
BFS  Vocational school in Waldenburg
BYV-Bund Yoga Vidya
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