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Train your body
so that your soul loves living in it



The science of yoga is similar to music: the body vibrates in its own inner rhythm, which one should never ignore when practicing an asana. Follow your physical / physiological and mental rhythm, because only when there is harmony - a melody, so to speak - it is worth listening to the music. Our body is a sensitive instrument. You can tell from its rhythms and vibrations whether it is in harmony or dissonance. The asana is a movement which lifts up your frequency in order to vibrate higher.....

... with Anne


Combination between YOGA and PILATES, mindfulness and conscious perception from YOGA, paired with exercises for the strong core. / Core stability from the PILATES. The aim is a smooth, unrestricted flow of movement in the entire body system, supported by the latest findings from fascia yoga.

Regular training increases muscle endurance and flexibility, posture, body awareness and breathing are improved. And last but not least, the ability to relax changes on the physical as well as the mental level.

Entry is possible without prior knowledge and without age restrictions!




YOGA THERAPY - holistic approach to various clinical pictures (back problems, psychosomatics, HKL, metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases, menopause, accompanying cancer). Includes relaxation techniques, mental techniques, simple yoga postures (asanas), cleansing applications, exercise program for at home. No prior knowledge required.


YOGA, BACK - after a muscular entrance check, joint development of an individually adapted exercise program, tips and suggestions for practicing at home.


RELAXATION - with the help of various relaxation techniques and optional sound instruments such as singing bowls and monochord, I offer individual time-out for body and mind.

... with Anne

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