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Did you also grow up with the Belief that SELFLOVE is selfish?

My parents and society taught me that when I share and show my joy and let my inner light shine bright- I am conceited / arrogant. I also noticed that it caused envy in people who were not in joy.

As a child, I was very bright and talkative, wanted to share everything I had experienced during the day at the dining table with the family. I was often advised that it is much more important to first talk about the work of my parents - and to chew through all the negative stories that the other people make, repeated so often until it could really go into the subconscious and left another imprint/belief there.....- of course, all this was sooo important (because the ego and the negative patterns want to be nourished...) that in the end there was no longer a "time" to listen to my "unimportant" experiences.

After all, everyday life had to go on, no time for Blabla.

As children, we store all these supposedly "normal" behaviors and negative patterns. Often connected with the feeling not been seen, not heard, not important.

In the place I grew up, for historical reasons, this extreme belief is added, "you are only worthy if you are productive", so work until the body rebels and beyond.. If you pay attention to your body or health, you have been frowned upon. What does not kill hardens.

Thus, the next belief was consolidated, "I am only loved if I work hard and put my needs behind".

As a result, we are increasingly moving away from our actual - BEING - because we have suppressed it. In order not to feel those bad feelings anymore, in order to be loved.

We all have such or similar beliefs stored in our system, in the cells, in the body fluid as information. Through the way of thinking and living the same what our parents and even our ancestors did, as well as in the society and environment in which we were grown up. These beliefs are even so deep that we already believe them ourselves and do not even notice and perceive them.

If these beliefs pile up, - the body or mind begins to rebel at some point.....with pain, psychological problems, repetitive negative experiences.

Why? Since every person has a certain frequency, a certain energetic vibration, an individuality, every person is UNIQUE. Everything wants to be seen and loved, if we reject ourselves, the whole system rebels. We get sick, unhappy and dissatisfied - we give all this into our environment and spread it in this way. To our children, partners, in business life in society. A cycle! This is how we create our environment and society and ultimately the world!

What happens if we discover all these beliefs layer by layer, replace them, simply no longer believe them, because they do not correspond to us and also absolutely do not serve! Us?

What happens if we accept ourselves as we are, including our dark sides?

What happens if we are able to LOVE ourselves?

We are so satisfied and in peace with ourselves from the inside that we can also simply let other people "BE like they are"! We are able to pass on this inner love to the outside.

We are so in balance with ourselves that we can encounter each other, our children and partners with love and a smile through supposed "mistakes".

We create an environment, a society a world full of love!

Now the question again: is self-love selfish?

No. Exactly the opposite. Egoists do not love themselves, and therefore cannot give love to the outside.

Cultivate self-love! Not only for YOU but for your loved ones! For society! For your country! And for the world!!

For those of you, who thought like me, as a 13 year-old about the sentence in the Bible " Love your neighbor like yourself“....I just couldn't understand it and yes it even made me angry. Now I know it is about loving Yourself first, in order to be able to love others.


What thoughts and feelings arose in you when you read this article? Something you are famiiar with?

How do YOU cultivate Selflove?

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